IK Brunel – was he our greatest engineer?

He has been described as one of the most ingenious and prolific figures in engineering history, one of the 19th-century engineering giants.  One of the greatest figures of the Industrial Revolution, a man who changed Victorian England with his designs and ingenious constructions, which we can still see today. Brunel built dockyards, the Great Western […]

Who won the Battle of Britain?

Of course, the fighter pilots.  But they couldn’t have won without an awful lot of support. For example, at the beginning of the Battle of Britain the RAF had around 1,960 aircraft at its disposal in July 1940, of this only 900 were fighter aircraft.  They did have 560 bombers and 500 coastal aeroplanes, all […]

The build up to the Battle of Hastings

At the start of 1066, England was ruled by King Edward the Confessor, he is remembered as the King who built Westminster Abbey in London. Edward ruled over England with the help of the Witan.  It was made up of the top clergy in the country and acted as his council on all matters concerning […]

The Great Fire of London

Shortly after midnight on Saturday 1st September 1666, a fire went rogue in Thomas Farriner’s bakery in Pudding Lane in the City of London. Therefore, it means that the date recorded for its start was in fact September 2nd. It spread to nearby houses, nearby lanes, then due to the strong winds, it continued west […]

Who was the Lady of the Mercians?

  You will have heard of the Warrior Queen Boadicea but have you ever heard of Aethelflaed? She led her troops in the Battle of Tettenhall. You probably haven’t heard of that Battle, have you? Well, she was described as the Lady of the Mercians, who was the oldest daughter of Alfred the Great, and […]