The Act of Supremacy

On the 3rd November 1534 the first Act of Supremacy was passed? The Act of Supremacy This was the act that made Henry VIII the head of the Church of England, replacing the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. Then Came Mary she repealed the Act of Supremacy His daughter Queen Mary was a fanatical […]

The Ghosts of Anne Boleyn

Primary history resource Blickling Hall

Anne Boleyn is a very busy ghost. They claim that her ghost haunts several English castles. We all know Anne Boleyn was beheaded on the orders of her husband, Henry VIII. They say he was frustrated that she didn’t bear him a son and heir, and anyway he had found another, hopefully fertile, woman. It […]

Henry VIII’s daughter takes her mother’s side!

It all happened because a daughter was unhappy because her dad left her mum! The Acts of Supremacy On the 3rd November 1534 the First Act of Supremacy was passed.  It was meant to be the only one, but it wasn’t. It was followed in 1537 when the Irish Act of Supremacy was passed by […]

How dangerous was Henry VIII court

It is estimated that 57,000 could have been executed during the reign of Henry VIII. I understand that this was over his  37 years on the throne, however, we must remember this is difficult to prove, but I do think it shows that being part of his court was dangerous. What happened after the Break […]

Have we misunderstood Henry VIII?

Henry is remembered for his six wives, we are taught that this was the reason he created the Church of England, what we aren’t told is that he achieved so much more than this. A few of his achievements: He also: His Problem Was that although his marriage to Catherine of Aragon had yielded a […]