Odd sayings that come from The 1500s

Do you know where the tradition of the bride carrying a bouquet on her wedding day came from? It was because in the 1500’s people got married in June.  They chose June because they took their annual bath in May, so they still smelt pretty good by June. However, they were starting to smell a […]

The remarkable story of a violin

Would you believe that a violin sold at auction for $1.7M or if it’s easier for £1.1M! It was a very special and historic violin, and one that was found in an attic in 2006. How did it get there and why was it worth £1.1M. To understand, you have to go back to April […]

The Gunpowder Plot – a fool proof plan that wasn’t!

Let’s make history fun, this was a plan that the conspirators, pictured above, thought was fool proof, unfortunately it wasn’t! The Church of Egland had been formed 80 years before, but the conspirators were not happy, they wanted to bring the Catholic religion back to England, and it was obvious to them that James 1, […]

A man looks for a cure for Malaria, but finds ….

I wonder how often does this happens, you start looking for something and find something totally different? It happened to William Perking who by mistake found the first synthetic organic dye he discovered, mauveine, a colour we now call Mauve. In 1856 William Perkin started looking for a cure for malaria. He was an 18-year-old […]