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Unlocking Excellence: Greek Primary School Resources for Inspired Learning

Dive into a Rich Cultural Tapestry

Greek culture and history are steeped in fascinating stories and remarkable achievements. Our primary school resources are thoughtfully designed to introduce young minds to the wonders of ancient and modern Greece. Immerse your students in the captivating tales of Greek mythology, the achievements of ancient philosophers, and the vibrant traditions that continue to shape the nation.

These musicals offer you a diverse range of shows that cater to various learning styles. Whether your students are visual learners, auditory learners, or kinesthetic learners, these resources will keep them engaged and excited about learning.

Greek History Primary Resource - Monster in the Maze


Monster of the Maze -The Story of Theseus and the Minotaur

The Monster of the Maze is an important Greek Primary School Resource from ancient Greek mythology about King Minos of Crete and the monster who lived in the maze of passages under his castle and Theseus, the son of Aegeus, who saved the children being sacrificed by King Minos to the monster. He then falls in love with the King?s beautiful daughter, Ariadne, who gives him a ball of string so that he can find his way out of the maze.

Greek Primary Resource Daedalus and Icarus



Daedalus & Icarus – The Flight to Freedom

The legend of Daedalus and Icarus is a useful Greek Primary School Resource and is an early Greek legend that illustrates the nature of Greek culture touching on recurrent themes such as heroes on legendary quests, conquests and wars. We meet King Minos, his Queen Pasiphae, his daughter Ariadne and learn what led to Icarus flying too close to the sun

Greek History Resource Athens - The Birth of Democracy.Athens – The Birth of Democracy

This is a key Greek Primary School Resource that explains how democracy first evolved 2,500 years ago in the city state of Athens. When in 404BC Hippias, the worst possible type of tyrant, did something extraordinary, which was turned by Cleisthenes and later Ephialtes and Pericles into the first democratic state.

Athens, in 50 minutes, tells the remarkable story of how Athenian Democracy evolved.



The front page of the musical Ancient OlympicsThe Ancient Olympics – The Legend of Callipateira

This is a Greek Primary School Resource that tells us about The Ancient Olympics which were part of a five day festival which was held every four years in honour of Zeus, the King of the Gods. Only men were allowed to compete in the Ancient Olympics, girls and unmarried women could attend, but not married women. This is a story based around Pausanias’ original story of Callipateira, one married woman, wanted to go to the Olympic Games to help her son. She put on a false beard and went. On the way we discover the traditions of the games, such as the Olympic Torch and the Olympic Truce.

Greek Primary History Reasouce - The Trojan HorseThe Trojan Horse – The Fall of Troy

An interesting Greek Primary School Resource that tell of the Trojan War and shows us how Zeus, the King of the Gods, Hera, his Queen, and his two daughters, Aphrodite, the God of Love, and Athena, the God of wisdom, influence and interfere with the lives of mortals in ancient Greece.

It shows how after trying every conceivable way to defeat the Trojans, the Spartans came up with a cunning method of getting into the city with the aid of the famous Trojan horse, which the children build and use in the show.


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