A North American Indians Primary History Resource that comes from the vast expanse of the North American prairies, where the sky touches the earth in an unbroken horizon, we have published a musical spectacle that not only entertains but educates.

North American Indians Primary History Resource  -  The Dream Catcher musical front page“The Dream Catcher: The Plains Indians of North America” an Educational Musicals show, that transports the cast and the audience through time and culture to explore the captivating world of the Plains Indians of North America.

With its vibrant performances, rich storytelling, and powerful messages, this show is more than just entertainment; it’s an immersive journey into history, tradition, and the human spirit.

It is a show that can be performed by your children to their parents, when you download it from you get:

  • The Script with full stage directions, where no child has to learn a speech longer than 5 lines without reading it.
  • 24 MP3 files of both performance and the backing tracks, so your children can learn the songs at home.
  • An Art Pack that shows how your children can make the props, costumes and scenery from recycled materials.
  • Fact sheets explaining the history the musical is based on.

This North American Indians Primary History Resource tells of their rich cultural heritage, their  unique way of life, and their deep connection to the land .

“The Dream Catcher: The Plains Indians of North America” weaves together the threads of history, music, and dance to tell this story, celebrate their traditions, and shed light on their struggles and triumphs. Through an engaging narrative, captivating songs, and mesmerizing choreography, the show takes the audience on a journey back in time, offering a glimpse into the lives of these indigenous communities.

At the heart of the show this North American Indians Primary History Resource tells the story of the Dream Catcher, a symbol deeply rooted in the spirituality of the Plains Indians. The Dream Catcher is believed to protect individuals from negative energies and nightmares while allowing positive dreams to pass through.

You can learn more about The Dream Catcher at

This potent symbol becomes the guiding thread that connects different aspects of the show, from the stories of individual characters to the larger narrative of the Plains Indians’ collective experiences.

By means of the Art Pack the sets and authentic costumes, which can be meticulously created by your students, allows the audience to be transported to the Plains, witness the daily routines, ceremonies, and challenges faced by the North American Indians.

The musical numbers range from lively celebrations of hunting and harvest to poignant reflections on the impact of colonization and displacement.

The music, blending traditional rhythms with contemporary elements, captures the essence of both the past and the present, underscoring the resilience and enduring spirit of the Plains Indians.

In a world where entertainment often prioritizes spectacle over substance, this North America Indians Primary History Resource stands as a shining example of how theatre can educate, enlighten, and inspire.

By exploring the lives of the Plains Indians of North America through music, dance, and storytelling, the show opens a window into a world that has often been overlooked or misrepresented. It invites us to reflect on our shared history and to recognize the beauty and resilience of indigenous cultures.

This North America Indians Primary History Resource “The Dream Catcher: The Plains Indians of North America” is more than a performance; it’s an educational odyssey that leaves a lasting impact on hearts and minds, fostering a greater appreciation for the diverse tapestry of humanity.

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