Every Christmas the peculiarly British tradition of Pantomime is performed to thousands of screaming children and hundreds of laughing parents, at theatres, halls and even barns across the land because, basically, we all love “Pantomime”.

How we got to love it is an interesting story go to and learn more of it’s history.

Now we would like to make this tradition one that they can be performed by schools, drama groups and even youth clubs.

Specifically created to be performed by children. The script is devised so that performers have no more than two or three consecutive lines. Individual performers have no more than six lines unless narrating.

They are potty as because they are only between 30 to 40 minutes long, and also because as they have taken the traditional panto stories and given them a “potty” twist!

Snow White & The Magnificent Seven – A Pantomime

Snow White is beautiful and intelligent. Behind her father’s back, Snow White’s jealous stepmother arranges to have her killed. However, the executioner who has been forced into killing her cannot do it, instead he leaves her deep in the spooky forest. Snow White is lost, until she stumbles on a run down log cabin and some unusual cowboys.

Meanwhile, incensed at Snow White’s survival, her stepmother hatches a plan to get rid of her once and for all.

Snow White & The Magnificent Seven is a short pantomime loosely based on the fairy tale of “Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs”. To read two pages of script and listen to two of the songs go to

Pantomime - Potty front page of GoldilocksGoldilocks & The 3 Scares – A Pantomime

Hidden deep in the spooky woods, three monsters lead an idyllic lifestyle, looking after trees, helping the local wildlife and generally keeping to themselves, until one awful day, while they are out doing good deeds, Goldilocks arrives!

Goldilocks is lost. She finds the monster’s house and being very hungry finds some food.

The food is horrible and the house a mess, so she decides to “tidy it up” for the owners. Meanwhile Goldilocks’ mother and half her village are looking for her.

The resulting chaos threatens the very existence of the monsters and teaches the spoiled Goldilocks a valuable lesson.

Go to to download it.

Daring Dick Whittington – A Pantomime

Pantomime Potty Daring Dick the front pageDick Whittington comes from a rich background. Unfortunately, he is not going to inherit any of his family’s fortune, he’s on his own. Luckily, he has a head for business and becomes a merchant selling fine cloth.

He heads to London to make his fortune. He takes with him his best friend, Simon Lookout, the local village idiot and part time inventor, and Simon’s mother, the indomitable Sarah the Cook, who invites herself along for the adventure.

On the journey to London they find a stray cat and decide to take it with them. Just as they arrive the capital city it is plunged into chaos by an invasion of plague carrying rats. Can Dick and his friends save the day? Will Dick Whittington make his fortune?

You can download the panto today by slicking on

Aladdin’s Lump – A Pantomime

Pantomime - Potty Aladdins Lamp front page.Aladdin is a good for nothing spotty youth who daydreams his life away. His long suffering mother runs the local laundry. One day an evil magician, Abanaza, needs someone small enough to squeeze into a small, enchanted cave to retrieve a magic lamp. Aladdin is small enough and is persuade to go into the cave.

Aladdin cannot find the lamp, but does find a lump of rusty, old metal. A furious Abanaza leaves Aladdin to die in the cave. Lost and alone Aladdin discovers the lump’s secret; a Genie appears and releases him. Flying home on a magic carpet Aladdin catches sight of the beautiful princess, Fatima. He persuades the Sultan to allow the marriage, but Abanaza, disguised as the Sultan’s Vizier, nearly wins the day. Will Aladdin live happily ever after?

A Pantomime you can download at

Jack & The Big StorkA Pantomime

Pantomime - Potty Jack front pageYoung Jack is a useless farmer. His long suffering mother has enough when he ruins the harvest, threatening both their farm and village with starvation. As a last resort and to the consternation of both Jack’s sister and his girlfriend, Mary Milkmaid, she sends him to town to sell their trusty, milk cow, Esmeralda, at the market.

At the market Jack meets the evil Witch Watt who dupes him into parting with Esmeralda for a strange, egg shaped, magic bean.

This magic bean is not a beanstalk; no, its something far more its “Potty”!

To learn what happens download