Terms and Conditions: Digital Downloads

1 Introduction

There are two main reasons for these terms and conditions. First, they are required to comply with UK and EU laws on ecommerce and distance selling rules. Second, they set out the basis upon which Educational Musicals Ltd’s products may be used (i.e., the customer licence); without express basis for use it will be unclear as to what a customer is allowed to do with the product long with what a customer is not allowed to do. These terms and conditions are published to reduce the chances of a dispute.

The products covered are:

  • blogs
  • materials
  • downloads
  • images
  • music

Download terms and conditions – 
The sale of knowledge – in the form of articles, blogs, guides, analyses, white papers and similar documents – represents a significant proportion of Educational Musicals Ltd’s electronic commerce.

Material download terms and conditions – This covers the sale and supply of downloadable educational materials. The document does not presume that the materials are of a particular kind. Materials made available under the document include written works, images, audio files and/or video files. However, it is assumed that all materials are downloadable. This is  a general disclaimer of liability.

Downloadable product terms and conditions – Optional licensing prohibitions in this download agreement include prohibitions upon the publication, sale, licensing, sub-licensing, renting, transferring, transmission, broadcasting, distribution, redistribution, editing, modification, adaptation or alteration of any downloaded product.

Image download terms and conditions – Purchasers are permitted to download the image, but their rights are otherwise to a general prohibition on the sale, lease, broadcast and transfer of the images. Alteration of the images is also prohibited.