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History Bites from America:

Articles of Confederation 
constitution of the United States?

This was the basis for the constitution of the United States, the 13 rebelling colonies, took many months to agree them.  They had declared independence, now they had to agree how they were going to fight their war of independence and agree what was to happen afterwards.  The rebel colonies  ……

Shays’ rebellion of 1786

A rebellion by a farm hand, called Shays, led to the American Constitution as we know it today. It was all because of high Taxes.

You see it all happened because the federal government increased their efforts to collect taxes, it was not popular.  The result was that Daniel Shays, a ……

The Original Plains Indians

The original Plains Indians are so interesting that we have created a factional musical set in the period before the white man arrived in North America. In those days, the native American Indian tribes roamed the Great North America Plains. There were several tribes, such as t…….

Nellie Bly – Went round the world in 72 days

On November 14th 1889 Nellie Bly left New York in the steamer Augusta Victoria.

She was fascinated by the book Around the World in Eighty Days in which Phileas Fogg fictionally went round the world in 80 days. 

She thought she could better it and that was …..

April 1, 1960: First Weather Satellite Launched

No, no, it wasn’t an April fool!

Yes, it was only just over 60 years ago, when something that we today take for granted first happened.  On that day the first ever television picture, was sent from space.

It started a revolution in t………

Have you ever heard of
Vice President William King?

He was a vice president of the United States and he is the only Vice President or President to take the oath of office on foreign soil.

Then 45 days later he ……

The History of Recorded Music

Until November 1877, when Thomas Edison invented the Phonograph, you couldn’t hear recorded music, you had to hear it live. Then others took up the challenge and very quickly Alexander Graham Bell’s Volta Laboratory launched their graphophone, a machine that used ………

Who invented the telephone

Two men claimed to have invented the telephone.  

Did they do it independently or did they help each other?

We don’t know, but two men claimed it was them, they were ………

Why Assassinate Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated on April 14th 1865. 

What had this ‘man of the people’ done to deserve such a violent end?   He was President during the American Civil War and the north won.  So as the commander-in-chief, exercising absolute authority Southerners ……..

Greek influence on the
US Constitution

When the 13 independent colonies came together to write a constitution for their new United States of America. They looked at how the Greek city states ran their democracy, they wanted independence, while having the security of being part of a greater body. 

So, they studied the ancient Greek phil…… ………

John Law and the Mississippi Company

John Law, a Scottish economist, and gambler, who won card games by mentally calculating the odds. Furthermore, he believed that by creating money he could stimulate the economy. This man became Controller General of Finances during the regency of the underage Louis XV of France. This led to ………

Was the buffalo the
Native American Indians

Did you know that the Buffalo was the same to the Native American Indians as the supermarket is to us today.  

From the animal they got virtually everything they needed, for example:

  • Horns that made arrows, cups, and spoons
  • Fur, that kept …..