History – British Values

British Values are so important to the world in which we live as they come from our history, which is why HISTORY is so important to our values 

Democracy or Dictatorship?

It is interesting to note that authoritarian governments don’t last as long as democratic ones, however, they tend to be replaced by even more totalitarian regimes.


Authoritarian systems have a structural weakness, which is that those opposing them are removed, they don’t go peacefully! The result is that there is no logical democratic regime to replace them, as they have all been eliminated or …….

To vote or not to vote, that is the question?

Once, I stood for the local council and lost by two votes!   Then at the general election I knocking doors I lost count of the number of doors when I was told that they hadn’t voted at all, but they didn’t like the man who beat me. They didn’t think their vote would count but in my election it would have. Every vote counts as your vote ……….

Why do we
call politicians
right or left?

The media describe politicians as from the “Left” or “Right”, but do you know why we call them that?

Recently a teacher contacted me as she had been asked to explain the difference and could I help her?

This is what I sent her.

It is all because of the French Revolution, as a result the Le Chambré de Deputies, their parliament, was changed.  Before it …..

What is the Stone of Scone

At King Charles’ coronation he sat on the Stone of Scone. Why is this block of red sandstone so important? Since 840 it has been used for the coronation of the Kings and Queens of Scotland, then at the coronation of every monarch since Scotland joined England.  There are doubts as to whether the stone is the right one, some claim that the monks at Scone Palace …..


Why does history keep repeating itself?

In 1812 Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Russia.

A big mistake!

Then, 120 odd years later Adolf Hitler did the same thing!

With the same result.

Why do seemingly intelligent people keep making the same mistake again and again?

There are so many such examples of history repeating itself, if only we understood the mistakes of history, maybe ………..

Was this the Start of British Democracy?

The Putney Debates

Took place in 1647, and were a series of discussions over how to run the country should they, Parliament, win the civil war.  Essentially, it discussed what they would do if they were in charge and there was no King.  It was at these debates that the ordinary people, as opposed to the monarchy, established the idea that there should be votes for all, well …

  Individual libertyRespect for the rule of law