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A Potty Panto

Hidden deep in the spooky woods, three monsters lead an idyllic lifestyle, looking after trees, helping the local wildlife and generally keeping to themselves, until one awful day, while they are out doing good deeds, Goldilocks arrives!

Goldilocks is lost. She finds the monster’s house and being very hungry tries some food. The food is horrible and the house a mess, so she decides to “tidy it up” for the owners. Meanwhile Goldilocks’ mother and half her village are looking for her. The resulting chaos threatens the very existence of the monsters and teaches the spoiled Goldilocks a valuable lesson.


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 MP3 tracks

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Goldilocks –                         Insufferable ‘know it all’, very loud and annoying.

Jack –                                     Brother of Goldilocks, in love with Katie Carrot.

Old Mother Reilly –          Goldilocks and Jack’s mother (Dame).

Katie Carrot –                     Disgruntled young villager, in love with Jack.

WC Plod of the Yard –     Pompous policeman.

Splodge –                             A sensible monster.

Splurge –                             Splodge’s wife.

Splat –                                  Their timid daughter/son (Dependent on casting).


Assorted ghosts, monsters & trees.

Music Samples

Goldilocks & The 3 Scares Potty Panto – Music Samples

Whistle While You Tidy

Oh No Goldilocks