The Boy King


Author: Anthony James – Music: Tim Spencer


The Legend of Tutankhamun


The Boy King, Tutankhamun, sometimes known as King Tut, is a story from Egypt 3,000 years ago. He was the son-in-law of Queen Nefertiti. It is estimated that he was only 9 when his reign began around 1360 B.C. He married a girl of 12 and died mysteriously at 19, some think of foul play. He is credited for re-establishing the old gods that had been banished by the unpopular King Akhenaten.

The story starts in the Valley of the Kings, archaeologist Howard Carter and his workers find the tomb of a long, lost king in 1922.

We travel 3,330 years into the past to meet a nine year old boy who becomes the Pharaoh of all Egypt. The Boy King, Tutankhamun, learns to be king alone until meeting his wife.

Together they try to re-establish the ways of the old gods, but Tutankhamun is murdered, at the wishes of a ghostly enemy, at the age of 19. Ascending to the Afterlife he meets the gods of ancient Egypt themselves.

They then show the king that his story will be remembered and his name will be known to children over 3,000 years into the future.


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The Boy King Main Show Script Sample

What you get

You get

The Script

With stage suggestions

Music Score

Full libretto score

 MP3 tracks

performance backing

 MP3 tracks

backing so your children learn the tunes

Art pack

Make the props, scenery and costumes from recycled materials

Made up of: Main Show Script with Historical Fact Sheets and Art pack – MP3 files with Performance and Backing tracks – Libretto Music Score – 12 month Performance and Video License – Photocopying License

The Boy King Music Samples

Trust Me I’m an Advisor

In Triplicate

Cast List

Total Characters: 6 main parts, 4 gods, 3 high officials, dancers, slaves and diggers.  Numbers are flexible.

Howard Carter –                      The archaeologist who discovers Tutankhamun’s tomb.                                                      

The Narrator –                         The Narrator.

Tutankhamun –                          The Boy King of Egypt.

Queen Ankhesenpaaten –          A dancer who becomes Tutankhamun’s queen.   Known as dancer 1 until Scene Four.

General Horemheb –                  The Boy King’s untrustworthy advisor.

Queen Nefertiti –                     The ghost of Tutankhamun’s evil stepmother


The Gods.

Re-Harakhty –                         The Hawk of the Sky, the creator of all things and the protector of the king’s journey through the underworld.

Anubis –                                The God of Mummification and judge.

Thoth –                                  The God of Wisdom.

Horus –                                   Tutankhamun himself on entering the Afterlife.


“I was quite serious about “The Boy King”, it was FANTASTIC. My lead, King Tutankhamun was a 9 year old gifted student who with his queen, brought the house down. He also used his acting experience in “The Boy King” as a basis for a speech he gave at the South Westland Tournament. He won first place with high praise for his speech. So, double benefits from the play.”
Sherry Woodside, Whataroa School, New Zealand