Panto Effects Download 2



Another download full of tracks for your Pantomime’s sound man.

With Overtures, Underscores, fanfares and many other effects this is an invaluable download for creating the atmosphere to make your Panto go with a whiz.

You get the following effects

1Baddie Entrance Long31Fanfare 561Overture – Cinderella
2Baddie Entrance Short32Fanfare 662Overture –Dick Whittington
3Baddie Exit33Fanfare 763Overture – Mother Goose
4Ball 1 Long34Fanfare 864Overture – Puss in Boots
5Ball 1 Short35Fanfare 965Overture – Snow White
6Children’s Dance36Fight and sad conclusion66Piano Ta Dah
7Comedy Playoff37Ghost behind you67Play in
8Country Film Slapstick38Giants castle68Prince/Princess Waltz
9Crash39Giant’s castle Short69Slapstick Film
10Dame Entrance Long40Giant’s castle sting70Slapstick Piano 1
11Dame Entrance Short41Haunted Forest 171Slapstick Piano 2
12Dark Playoff42Haunted Forest Tension72Slide 2
13Evil Entrance Long43Idea ping73Sting 1
14Evil Entrance Short44Kids entrance Long74Sting 2
15Evil Exit45Kids entrance short75Sting 3
16Evil Scene Change46Last emperor long76Sting and high drone
17Evil Sting47Last emperor short77Sting and low drone
18Evil Theme48Last emperor sting78String Pluck
19Fairy Entrance 149Low undercurrent drone79Swanee 1 (Slide 1)
20Fairy Entrance 250Mad crashing piano80Swanee Splat
21Fairy Entrance 351Music box 181Twinkle 1
22Fairy Entrance 452Music box 1 -Piano and strings82Underscore Castle Gates
23Fairy Godmother Entrance and Underscore53Music box 1 – Piano only83Underscore Erie
24Fairy Underscore Long54Music box 2 – Fairy84Underscore Erie & Chase
25Fairy Underscore Short55Music box 385Underscore Fairy Build
26Fanfare 156Music box 486Underscore Melancholy
27Fanfare 1 Higher57Nice playout long87Underscore Sad Ah Music
28Fanfare 258Nice playout short88Xylophone Dancing
29Fanfare 359Overture – Aladdin
30Fanfare 460Overture—Beauty and the Beast





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