Saint Nicholas


Author: Anthony James – Music: Daniel Hewitt


The Real Santa Claus


Saint Nicholas is a retelling of the legend that gave us Santa Claus. Two schoolgirls are transported from a snowy Christmas Eve 1,700 years into the past. There they meet a young priest who tries to stop three young girls being sold into a life of slavery. He throws three bags of gold into their father’s house. The gold will mean that the girls can marry the boys they love and avoid the evil slaver Demus, who wants to sell them into a life of poverty and slavery. Will the money save the girls and will their experience help them and their skeptical brother believe in all the Santa Clauses?

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What do you get?

The Script

With stage suggestions

Music Score

Full libretto score

 MP3 tracks

performance backing

 MP3 tracks

backing so your children learn the tunes

Art pack

Make the props, scenery and costumes from recycled materials


Complete 50 minute show supplied ready to perform by 15 to 100 children Script (including stage directions) with Historical Fact Sheets and Art pack, MP3 file with Performance and Backing tracks, Libretto Music Score,  12 month Performance and Video License – Photocopying License

Cast List

Total characters. 10 main parts, 2 slavers, 3 suitors, 4 Christmas characters, 4 street traders, 4 slaves. (Numbers are flexible).

Vicki –                                 A modern-day schoolgirl.
Sarah –                                A modern-day schoolgirl.
David –                                A modern-day schoolboy.
The Sailor –                        A mystical Sailor, saved by St Nicholas.
Saint Nicholas –                The young Bishop of Myra.
Sirus –                                 Father of three daughters.
Daughter 1 –                       Sirus’ daughter.
Daughter 2 –                       Sirus’ daughter.
Daughter 3 –                       Sirus’ daughter.
Demus –                              An extremely dubious slaver.

Christmas Characters.

Kris Kringle
Father Christmas
Mrs. Claus
Assorted Santas (optional).

Other Characters.

Slavers –                             2 assistants for Demus.
Suitors –                             3 suitors for Sirus’ daughters.
Slaves –                              4 slave children.
Street Traders –                 4 city street traders/dwellers.

Music Samples

Welcome to the City

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