The Golden City


By Anthony James – Music by Tim Spencer


The Lost Empire of the Aztecs


An insight into the spiritual world of the first Americans. Young archaeologist, Dr Lara Jones, discovers a Codex written 700 years ago by an Aztec farmer called Chipilli. We travel back to the last days of the Aztec Empire, to the legendary Golden City, Tenochtitlan, where the Aztec ruler, Moctezuma, faces the Metal Gods who have invaded the Aztec world and to end its existence.


What do you get?

You get

The Script

With stage suggestions

Music Score

Full libretto score

 MP3 tracks

performance backing

 MP3 tracks

backing so your children learn the tunes

Art pack

Make the props, scenery and costumes from recycled materials




Complete 50 minute show supplied ready to perform by 15 to 100 children Script (including stage directions) with Historical Fact Sheets and Art pack, MP3 files with Performance and Backing tracks, Libretto Music Score, Lyric ‘n’ Lines CD with script and song words to save copying the scripts or for use with a Whiteboard – 12 month Performance and Video License – Photocopying License

Two pages of script.

A team of explorers enter the performance space. They are dirty and tired. They are led by a girl in shorts, wearing sun glasses and a ponytail. She is also wearing a backpack.

Dr Jones. (Shouting) OK everyone, take five minutes.

Everyone looks relieved. Some of the explorers take off their boots emptying big stones into their hands and rubbing their sore feet.

David.  Phew, I’m so tired, what a climb.

Dr Jones. That’s too many McDonalds. You should exercise more.

David. How can you be sure we are going to find something here. We’re miles away from Mexico City.

Dr Jones. Exactly. The city itself is built over most of the ruins. It’s here, in the mountains, that treasure awaits us. I’m sure of it.

David. Treasure. You mean gold.

Dr Jones. You sound just like the Spanish. They came here looking for gold too.

David. Yes I know, I’ve read my history books. They destroyed an empire to get it.

Dr Jones. No, this treasure’s much more valuable than gold. We’ve come for knowledge, for a piece of history.

SONG 1: Hidden Worlds – Dr Lara Jones, David & Explorers.

During the song the explorers mime digging and shifting sand. Dr Jones and David stride around the performance area overseeing the dig.

We search for hidden wonders.

We search for hidden lands.

We’re looking for adventure,

For treasure in the sands.

Hunting for the remnants of the old and mighty tribes,

With all that they achieved you’d be surprised.

Hidden worlds,

Their treasure is waiting.

Hidden worlds,

We’ll find their home.

(The balance of this song is in the main script)

At the end of the song one of the group finds an object and rushes it over to Dr Jones.

Explorer 1. Look, Dr Jones!

David. What is it?

Dr Jones.  (Examining the object) It’s a codex! It’s the treasure we’ve been looking for and it’s just been lying on the ground, waiting for us.

The explorers gather around.

Explorer 2. What’s a codex Dr Jones? And what’s it doing up here in the mountains?

Dr Jones. A codex is a form of book used by the Aztecs, which uses pictures to tell a story instead of words. I assume it was left here by a group of Aztecs escaping from the Spanish conquest.

David.  And what does it say doctor?

Dr Jones. It’s a story, a story written 700 years ago by an Aztec called Chipilli.

SCENE TWO – The Chinampas

As Dr Jones says these words, assorted Aztecs enter the performance area. They mime various farming activities such as maize planting and maize cutting. Gradually, and as smoothly as possible, the explorers are replaced and Dr Jones is replaced by Chipilli.

SONG 2: We are the Mexica – The Aztecs.

During the song the Aztecs dance and place flowers around the performance area.

Stone, rise from water,

Eagle lands on a new home.

Train as a warrior,

Brave and strong cut to the bone.

We, we are the Mexica,

Dance to the sound of drums,

Dance for the sun.

We, we are the Mexica,

Dance to the beat of blood,

Dance everyone.

(The balance of this song is in the main script)

After the song, Demar detaches himself from the surrounding Aztecs and starts to train using his sword.

Demar.  Father, what are you doing?

Chipilli. Creating a codex about our life here, and what are you doing?

Demar. Training father. One day I will be the best Jaguar warrior the Aztec empire has ever seen.

Chipilli’s wife enters with a basket of vegetables and sits down with her husband. She chooses two big potatoes.

Micota. Only if you eat your greens.

Demar. (Demar pulls a face at the thought of eating vegetables). Errr….father, when are we going to the city again?

Chipilli. This afternoon Demar. It’s market day everyday in the capital, and the Aztec empire needs lots of food from farmers like us.

SCENE THREE -Tenochtitlan – The Golden City

SONG 3: We Feed The City – Chipilli, Micota, Demar & Aztec Farmers.

During the song the scenery flats are reversed to show the golden city of Tenochtitlan. The assorted Aztecs pick up cloths, baskets and small tables from behind the flats so they become city traders. Chipilli is given a large sack of grain to carry, as if he has brought it to market. Last to enter are four Jaguar warriors who stand talking silently to each other.

We feed the city,

We feed the people,

The farmers plant the seeds that make things grow.

Avocados and tomatoes,

Squashes, chilli peppers and potatoes.

We make chocolate too,

I bet you never knew that we made chocolate.

(The balance of this song is in the main script)

Micota.The City of Tenochtitlan.

Demar.Look father, warriors!

Chippili. (He looks worried) There seem to be more warriors in the city today than I’ve seen for years. It’s as if they’re expecting something.

Micota. It is said that our leader, Moctezuma, has had a vision about the end of the world, and fears that strangers could destroy our city.

Demar. But how could they when we have such fine and fierce warriors?

Cast List

Total Characters. 8 main parts, 2 high priests, 6 Spanish soldiers, 3 Aztec Jaguar warriors, 3 Aztec Eagle warriors, assorted Aztecs (flexible), 1 slave.

(All numbers are flexible).

Doctor Lara Jones –                       Adventuring archaeologist.

David James –                                 The doctor’s young assistant.

 Chipilli –                                           An Aztec farmer.

 Micota –                                            Chipilli’s wife.

 Demar –                                            Chipilli’s young son and budding Jaguar warrior.

Moctezuma –                                    The supreme ruler of the Aztec people.

 High Priest 1 –                                 An Aztec High Priest.

 High Priest 2 –                                 An Aztec High Priest.

 Hernan Cortes –                              The Spanish General.

 Bernal Diaz –                                    Chronicler of the Spanish conquest of Tenochtitlan.

 Spanish Soldiers / Explorers

 3 Aztec Jaguar Warriors –          Brave Aztec warriors

 3 Aztec Eagle Warriors –             Brave Aztec warriors.

1 Slave


Two songs from the musical

Two Music samples from the show

The Feathered Serpent

Our future



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