The Lucky Viking


Author: Anthony James – Music: Tim Spencer


The Discovery of America


Leif the Lucky, one of the unluckiest Vikings in his village, decides to prove himself a successful explorer by finding the mythical new land spotted by the merchant, Bjarni, 15 years before. With the help of the Norse Gods, Odin and Thor, Leif finally makes it to the new land, which he calls Vinland.

However, Loki God of Mischief persuades the local people to fight off this new Viking invasion, leading to a fascinating and fun musical.

The Lucky Viking Main Show Script Sample

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The Script

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Music Score

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 MP3 tracks

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 MP3 tracks

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Art pack

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Cast List

Total Characters. 10 main parts, 3 gods, 6 Viking women, 8 crew, 5 Indians.

(Numbers are flexible).

The Skalds –                      Two narrators.

Leif the Lucky – The unluckiest Viking in his village and the Viking who discovers Vinland (North America).

Eirik the Red – Leif the Lucky’s father, and the first Viking to find Greenland.

Thorwald –                          Leif the Lucky’s sarcastic brother.

Freydis –                                    Leif the Lucky’s even more sarcastic sister.

Sven the Builder –              A sailor and builder of longships.

Jorunn the Skald –           A skald (storyteller).

Hilda the village builder    In charge of creating Viking settlements.

Bjarni the Merchant – The trader who spotted Vinland many years before.

The Norse Gods.

Odin –                        The one eyed Norse God of Wisdom.

Thor –                        The God of War with his hammer.

Loki –                               The shape changing God of Mischief and Lies.

Music Samples

The Lucky Viking Main Show Music Samples

The Vikings

The Bold and the Brave


Thank you so much from all of us, the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Form Teacher, Wood End School