The Romans in Britannia Assembly Download


Author: Anthony James – Music: Tim Spencer


The Romans in Britannia


The Roman historian Tacitus, tries to inform the audience about his glorious Roman Empire. Unfortunately the Celtic warrior Mulch, turns up to ensure a balanced view of how the superior Roman army subjugated the Celts. At the end of the story, both sides agree that the Roman invasion ended in a new era of peace for Great Britain.


  • THE SCRIPT ? Which can be performed by as few as 10 or any number of children
  • This Download includes both backing and rehearsal tracks so that even a non-music teacher can rehearse the children.
  • A piano libretto Music Score.
  • A reduced Art Pack for the costumes.
  • A simple Fact Sheet giving the real historical facts.

This is a mini version of the parent show, including three songs.

Another example of how we are trying to

make your life easier.


Music Samples

The Romans in Britannia Assembly Music Samples

Glorious Empire

The Celtic People



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