The Warrior Queen


Author: Anthony James – Music: Tim Spencer




Boudica and The Romans


A Celtic storyteller and a Roman historian recount the story of the Warrior Queen, Boudica, who leads a revolt against the Romans, destroying three cities. After a great battle her army is destroyed and to avoid capture she takes poison. It provides an insight into the worlds of both the Celtic natives and the Roman invaders while chronicling the clash of two very different cultures.


The Warrior Queen Main Show Script Sample


What you get?

 You get

The Script With stage suggestionsMusic Score Full libretto score MP3 tracks performance backing MP3 tracks backing so your children learn the tunesArt pack Make the props, scenery and costumes from recycled materials

Made up of: Main Show Script with Historical Fact Sheets and Art pack – MP3 file with Performance and Backing racks – Libretto Music Score – 12 month Performance and Video License – Photocopying License

Cast List

Total Characters, 2 narrators, 7 main parts, 5 Roman legionaries (flexible),  5 Celtic warriors (flexible), assorted Chieftains, Celts and Roman citizens (flexible).  

Tacitus (Narrator 1) –            A slightly biased Roman historian.

Mulch (Narrator 2) –               A Celtic storyteller.

King Prasutagus –                     A Celtic King and Boudica’s husband.

Queen Boudica –                       King Prasutagus’ wife.

Camorra –                                    Queen Boudica’s daughter.

Tasca –                                          Queen Boudica’s daughter.

Suetonius Paulinus –              The Roman Governor.

Catus Decianus –                      The Roman Procurator.

Andraste –                                   The Icenian Goddess of War and Victory.

Roman Soldiers –                      Roman legionaries.

Celtic Warriors –                      Celtic men and women.

Music Samples

The Warrior Queen Main Show Music Samples

Glorious Empire




My favourite song was burn. I liked Burn because it was cool.  I was a Celt I thought the weapons were cool
Pupil, Wood End School, Herts