The Olympic Traditions Assembly Download


Author: Daniel Dalton – Music: Tim Spencer


The Olympic Traditions


Two names from Greek Mythology, Athena and Hercules explain the origins of the Olympic Truce and the Olympic Torch that was lit to show that all arguments should stop, including wars, for the duration of the games. The show builds up to the powerful “You’re a Superstar” showing how, like today, a winner benefited for the rest of their lives.


  • The script which can be performed by as few as 10 or any number of children
  • This Download includes both backing and rehearsal tracks so that even a non-music teacher can rehearse the children.
  • A piano libretto Music Score.
  • A reduced Art Pack for the costumes.
  • A simple Fact Sheet giving the real historical facts.
  • In fact a mini version of the parent show, including three songs.
  • Another example of how we are trying to make your life easier.


Music Samples

The Olympic Traditions – Music Samples

The Olympic Truce

You’re a Superstar



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