The Three Musketeers


Author: Tony Dalton – Music: Tim Spencer


The Queen’s Diamonds


D’Artagnan, arrives in Paris to join King Louis XIII’Musketeers, an argumentative young man who on arrival, immediately offends three musketeers, PorthosAramis, and Athos, challenging each one to a duel.

But when they meet, instead of having a duel, the four are attacked by the Cardinal’s guards and in the fight that followed his courage become apparent to the others.

Becoming firm friends, d’Artagnan takes The Three Musketeers on an adventure to thwart Cardinal Richelieu’s plans to disgrace the queen. Along the way, he comes across the beautiful, but evil, Mi Lady De Winter, who will stop at nothing to make certain his mission fails.


What you get?

You get

The Script

With stage suggestions

Music Score

Full libretto score

 MP3 tracks

performance backing

 MP3 tracks

backing so your children learn the tunes

Art pack

Make the props, scenery and costumes from recycled materials

Music Samples

The Three Musketeers Main Show Music Samples

All for One and One for All

The Race for Calais

The Landlord’s Lament

Cast List

Cast List

Total Characters. 13 main characters and any number of guards, drinkers maids and courtiers.

Alexandre Dumas –                 The Author

Athos                                            A Musketeer

Portos –                                         A Musketeer

Aramis –                                        A Musketeer

d’Artagnan –                                 A Young Gascon –

Monsieur de Cavois –              Captain Of The Cardinal’s Guard

Richelieu –                                     The Cardinal

The Count of Rochefort –        The Man in Black

Mi Lady de Winter –                  The Cardinal’s Friend

The Queen –                                  The Queen of France

Constantine Bonacieux –        The Queen’s Maid

Landlord –                                     Landlord of the inn at Calais

Duke of Buckingham-              Prime Minister of England

King Louis XIII –                        King of France


Thanks for your prompt help! The kids have done two of yours before –The Monster of the Maze” and “The Dream Catcher”, both of which they really enjoyed.  The plays have been brilliant for our size of school – only 25 kids, and very varied age groups, from 4 to 12.  Somehow they have all fitted in somewhere and love the songs.

Lucy Mayer, Kenya